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Qantas Baggage Handlers Video- Trending Video Of Melbourne airport


The Melbourne Airport has stood down the baggage handlers who were caught on camera rashly slamming the luggage of Qantas passengers onto the carousel.The two men are seen throwing bags forcefully onto the conveyer belt behind the baggage claim area while appearing unaware that they are being recorded.The man occasionally lifts a bag above his head and throws it toward the conveyor belt.

The behaviour has been denounced by Qantas as “inappropriate.” Instead of hiring its own baggage handlers, the airline uses independent contractors.The airline issued a statement saying, “The contracted ground handler was undertaking an urgent investigation.”The individuals were employed by Swissport, which acknowledged that they had been suspended awaiting a quick inquiry.

A passenger had earlier described it as “very rude” to Today.The airport passenger stated, “People are unaware of what is in those baggage; it can be essential to them and you expect not to get that when you go with Qantas.

Three baggage handlers are seen hurling the bags onto the conveyor belt in the video.Some bags were thrown so forcefully that they bounced off the conveyor belt.Two more times, a worker is seen hoisting a bag above his head and slamming it firmly onto the conveyer belt.

Another time, despite there being space on the belt in front of him, one of the handlers throws a bag a long way from where he was standing.

After video of laughing baggage workers kicking, throwing, and slamming down luggage onto a conveyor belt at Melbourne Airport went viral, Qantas responded.An immediate investigation has been started by the airline and its baggage handler contractor after a TikTok video of the employees’ “disrespectful” behaviour surfaced.

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