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Shy glizzy white girl platinum video – shy glizzy white girl video


Shy Glizzy, a proud rapper from Washington, D.C., is living proof that hustle and grind pay off in the rap game as his 2014 song “White Girl” was this week certified platinum by the RIAA.Glizzy, who sold one million copies of “White Girl” without the distribution, radio promotion, or financial backing of a major label, shared a tearful Instagram post in celebration. A later remix would feature Lil Durk, giving the song an extra boost.

After eight years, Shy Glizzy finally releases the “White Girl” video.Shy Glizzy became one of the top rappers to come out of the D.C./Maryland/Virginia region in 2014. He had the hit tune “White Girl” at the time, which was making waves. That was included on Glizzy’s “Young Jefe” mixtape at the time, as he also worked on it with Plies, Peewee Longway, Young Thug, and others.

The track “White Girl” by Glizzy has now reached platinum certification. The D.C. rapper recently discussed this on Instagram as he reflected on the popularity of this song.

White Girl certified 100% independently, without any radio or distribution, and I hold all of my publishing rights (sorry, I had to pop my crap). I never sold out and put myself up for success! But it’s all because of you guys. Everything is possible when you have fantastic supporters that have faith in you. They attempt to discredit me, but I was raised to place my faith in God and not in others. Stay tuned…

Glizzy did, however, eventually release the White Girl music video on Friday. While some people questioned why it took so long for items to release, fans were pleased.Glizzy has put out hits this year including “Underrated” and “Borderline,” which both include EST Gee. He recently collaborated with Glizzy Gang on the compilation album “Don’t Feed The Sharks” 2021.

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