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Spirit Airlines Fight Video | Agent Suspended After Fight With Woman


A video capturing fight with woman. The fight between an airline employee and a passenger at DFW Airport has gone trending on social media.

This video is trending on the internet and everybody are looking very curious about this video. In this article I posted photos and videos of the fight between woman and employee of the airline.

Fight Between Woman And Employee

The fight took place Dallas Fort Worth International Airport on Thursday 11 August 2022.

According to the source the fight between both the employee of Spirit Airlines supervisor Emmanuel Sullivan and the passenger Ayriana Angenet Bailey Davis.

Major Reason Behind Fight

Davis Allegedly hit Sullivan after he took her boarding pass because she was being aggressive and disrupted.

According to the source Davis cut in front of the customer and put her boarding pass on the counter. Sullivan asked her to go back of the line but she refused.

Sullivan told her, she would not be allowed to board the pass and then took Davis boarding pass. Davis become upset and came around the counter. He tried to step back but Davis kept moving forward trying to snatch back her boarding pass.

Sullivan pushed her away causing her to fall. She got back up and began coming at Sullivan before another person got in between the two and tried to break up the fight.

Davis then reached out and hit Sullivan on the side of the head. She tried to run away but fell on a chair and hit her knees and face.

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