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Spring trending on Twitter | Seasons inspires the Spring 🌼 | Spring Equinox


Spring trending on Twitter

Today is the first day of Spring, my favorite season. I can’t wait to see Earth come alive again. Flowers, baby animals, and green leaves on trees. I can’t wait!

Seasons inspires the Spring 🌼

The season that inspires the most is spring.Between late June and late December, the effect is at its strongest. These are the solstices, and particularly close to the poles, they have the greatest changes between day and night. This explains why it is so gloomy for such a long period of time each day in the winter in regions like Scandinavia and Alaska.

Spring Equinox

Yet, you’ve probably noticed that the days have been getting longer and the nights shorter in the Northern Hemisphere since the winter solstice three months ago in December. We have now reached the spring equinox!Future solar exposure will favour the Northern Hemisphere over the Southern Hemisphere. As we approach the summer solstice, it gets warmer because of this.


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