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The walking Dead (The last of us)

(CNN)As “The Walking Dead” and its offspring have repeatedly shown, people become the real monsters in a zombie apocalypse when left to their own devices in a lawless society. This point was made forcefully in the most recent episode of “The Last of Us,” which also showed how tough, steely, and resourceful the teenage Ellie can be.

Ellie (Bella Ramsey) met David (Scott Shepherd), the head of a starving community that he preside over as its spiritual leader as well as on a more fundamental basis, while Joel (Pedro Pascal) was still ill.When he first met Ellie, David told her, “I’m a decent man. I realise it’s hard to trust strangers.

David revealed monster

David was revealed to be a different kind of monster, however, using cannibalism to feed his starving flock and eventually attempting to sexually assault the teenage Ellie, whom he saw as a kindred spirit because of her tenacity, despite having a pleasant voice and initially sounding entirely reasonable.Joel found a grisly locker where bodies were being housed after Joel and Ellie first saw the remains of what David was relying on for nourishment in one of the series’ most horrifying images.

Joel recovered enough to torture and kill numerous of David’s soldiers in order to find her, but Ellie fought back after exchanging a deer for antibiotics in order to aid him. She also cleverly manipulated her When David was about to kill her, she used her immunity to the virus to buy some time before cathartically saving herself with a visceral outpouring of rage.

The Odd numbered episode (The last of us)

The odd-numbered episodes of the series have typically been more memorable than the even ones, a trend that remained here, almost certainly by coincidence. The gradual development of the Joel-Ellie relationship has been a standout feature of the last few chapters, which was highlighted when he finally found her at the end of the hour and tenderly told the emotionally spent young woman, “It’s OK, baby girl,” in contrast to the brutality on display elsewhere.

The series has one more episode to essentially establish its credentials in terms of the other priority associated with prestige-TV fare: originality. The series is already a huge success for HBO (which, like CNN, is a unit of Warner Bros. Discovery) in terms of viewership and media buzz. being recalled as the Emmy awards season picks up steam this spring.

Historical Obstacles

Given the historical obstacles this genre has faced on that front, Pascal and Ramsey may not have totally sealed the deal, but with each of these final few hours, they have continued to strengthen what had previously seemed to be a rather strong case.

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