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TikTok Ban in United states|why TikTok ban in United States


Recently the news of TikTok ban in United States is generating a lot of hype on internet specially on twitter.It has gathered a huge amount of attention among social media users.

People are very curious to know about the details of this ban in United States and other countries.If you want to know about it then read the full Article.

TikTok ban in United States

It has came to know that United states wants to ban the TikTok.Others countries like Canada and United Kingdom also have recently enacted bans of TikTok on official, government devices.

Why TikTok ban in United States?

Governments have concerns about the security system of TikTok.they expressed their thoughts that TikTok may endanger sensitive user data.

TikTok is mainly an app which is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance.The White House told the agencies to delete this app from Government devices within thirty days.

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