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“Unplugged Cafe” video | Girl kicks man hard in Lucknow | unplugged cafe video goes trending on Twitter


In Lucknow the outside of the unplugged cafe the girlfriend thrashed her boyfriend to the tune of a song playing in his back. In the midst of all this there was a young man who was the most clever and carried out his work in a very smart way.

Lucknow Unplugged Cafe video goes trending on Twitter

According to social media especially Twitter is the way that we reach on trending videos. Today I posted in my article the most most popular video of the unplugged cafe.

It is said that the girl and the boy had arrived at the cafe to party. Both are said to be intoxicated. In the meantime, a quarrel broke out between them over a matter. After that, a fight broke out between the two. In a video recorded outside the cafe, we see how the girl beats the boy. A girl standing nearby also tries to stop him. But the angry girl does not stop and beats the person by taking out the pots in it. Due to talk of the fight, a crowd gathered there. When the bodyguard and cafe operator learned of this, they also intervened, after which the fight was stopped by taking them both out.

People outside the cafe made a video of the entire incident and went posted on social media platforms. On Friday, this video quickly spread across social media platforms. In this regard, Vibhutikhand Police Station said that this video is from Thursday night. No one had informed of the uproar and fights in the cafe. At present, when the police arrived at the cafe, people kept silent about this incident.

Here’s you can watch the video of unplugged cafe


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