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Nikolas Ferreira, the most popular government replacement in Brazil, became the centre of a controversy on social media. What is the logic underlying the story so that we can fully comprehend all of the facts.

Trending video of Nikolas Ferreira,

This Tuesday, a video of the political figure performing dental sex on another male started to circulate.By claiming that it is “defamation” against him for supporting Jair Bolsonaro, Nikolas disputes it. Since midday, the topic has been one of the ones that Twitter users have talked about the most.

Since Nikolas is known for making homophobic and transphobic statements, the Twitter conversation centred on what users perceived as Nikolas’ pretence.His advertising campaign featured the confident phrase while conversing with younger Christians. He claims that his mother “consecrated him to Christ” at the time of shipment.Reporter Patricia Lelis, ex-girlfriend of Eduardo Bolsonaro, was one of the persons who found Nikolas. Patrcia spent a short time in an evangelical environment, and she has already demonstrated that she is aware of many spiritual authorities’ “hidden truths.”The reporter swears there was a “affair” between Nikolas and the priest Andr√© Valado at the time.

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