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Watch Cameron Robbins Bahamas Video Swimming Missing


Cameron Robbins Bahamas swimming missing videos and photos trending in social media platforms. In this article, we are going to tell you about Cameron Robbins Bahamas video details.

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The U.S. Coast Guard has ended their search for a Louisiana teenager who fell overboard from a sunset cruise in the Bahamas on Sunday night.

Cameron Robbins, 18, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was staying at the Atlantis Paradise resort in Nassau with other teenagers to celebrate their recent high school graduation.

This American teen went overboard while swimming in the Bahamas and suddenly became a missing person.

Robbins graduated and the trip was supposed to be commemorative. However, it became the last trip of his life. The University Laboratory School also added that the school did not sanction the trip.

Robbins had jumped overboard due to a dare. Witnesses said he plunged into the ocean around 9:40 pm. When the boat was near Island.

He was last seen splashing in the waters just a few feet away from the boat before from view. A video taken right after he jumped showed him swimming while a life preserver floated in the water.

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