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WATCH: Video surfaces as Nick Chubb suffers leg injury on game


Nick Chubb suffered a leg injury while playing for the Browns against the Steelers on Monday Night Football. He was one of the brightest sparks during the first half of the game.

Nick Chubb is just 27 years old. However, in terms of how quickly teams move on from their running backs, he is a seasoned veteran. He entered the league in 2018 and has since made it to four Pro Bowls. He was an All-Pro last year as well.

As both defenses struggled, he was the one who kept doing his thing and picking up the yards.

When something is working, there is a natural inclination to keep doing that. And Cleveland banked on it as they gave the ball to him when they were in the redzone .

That stop ended up injuring Nick Chubb. The replay was so graphic that the broadcasters refused to show it. However, given that it was shown on the stadium screen, it is common knowledge.

Hence, we are choosing to reproduce here for the purposes of reporting. It is a video, though, and viewer discretion is advised.

His leg gets caught underneath and bends from the knee at an unnatural angle. At one point, his upper body is nearly perpendicular to his lower leg, pivoting around the knee area.

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