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Water Pollution and its effect on public | Water Pollution in Pakistan | Harmful chemicals in water | Primary causes of water pollution | Assessment provide for water


Water Pollution in Pakistan

One of the biggest risks to public health in Pakistan is water pollution. Water quality monitoring and management are ineffective. Pakistan is ranked 80th out of 122 countries for the quality of its drinking water.

Harmful chemicals in water

Throughout the nation, coliforms, hazardous metals, and pesticides are found in drinking water sources, including surface and groundwater. Numerous WHO drinking water quality standards are often broken.

Primary causes of water pollution

The primary causes of the decline in water quality are human activities such as improper disposal of municipal and industrial effluents and indiscriminate application of agrochemicals in agriculture. The primary causes of various public health issues, either singularly or in combination, are microbial and chemical contaminants.

Assessment provide for water

This assessment provides a thorough breakdown of Pakistan’s drinking water quality with a focus on the country’s pollutants, causes of pollution, and the ensuing health problems. The data presented in this study is drawn from a variety of studies that have been published in both domestic and foreign journals. There are additional reports from governments and non-governmental organisations.

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