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The video of Watts up Mickey has generating a lot of interest among social media users. It is trending on all the social medis sites specially on twitter and instagram it is gathering a lot of people.The video of Watts up Micky has been popular all over the internet in very less time.

Social Media users are very curious to know about the content of the video of Watr Up Micky.They are searching it on different websites so that they can know abouT the video.In this article we will tell you about what is in the video and why it is trending on internet.

For those who don’t know About who is Watts Up Mickey here’s a short introduction of him below so that you can know the guy who is trending on internet due toh his video.

Who is Watts up Mickey?

Watts Up Mickey is a Musical artist and he is quite famous on all the social sites of internet. he also has a strong fan following. a lot of people know him and like him for his music. he is Basically a Hip-Hop and Rap artist.But nowadays He he is making headlines for his video that is creating a lot of hype on internet.

Details of the Watts up Mickey video:

In the video of Watts up mickey we can See the Hip-Hop/Rapper artist with a trans Girl.the face of the girl is not identified yet but we can clearly see the Watts up Mickey in the video.Watts Up Mickey caught with Transgender Woman giving her the charm.And as we know that Watts up Mickey is a famous public figure that’s why people are trying to access his video and it is trending on everywhere.

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