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What is Internet?Advantages/Benefits of Internet


As we know that we are living in a modern world and everything is in our access by pressing few buttons i.e we can take information of every corner of the world via internet.it has now became an important part of our lives, that we cannot even imagine how much our everyday routine will be effected as internet slows down.

In this Article we will tell you about what internet exactly is and why it has became a compulsory part of our everyday routine.Further we will also discuss about the benefits or Advantages of Internet.To know about the details read the full article.

What is internet?

Internet is a global networking system through through which people can share information and communicate from anywhere with an Internet connection.The internet helps us with facts and figures, information and knowledge for personal, social and economic development.

The Internet is called a network of networks because it is a global network of computers that are linked together by cables and telephone lines making communication possible among them.It engage many people from different regions of the world with one another at the same time.

Advantages/benefits of Internet:

As we discussed that Internet is very important in our lives and it has several advantages or benefits.here we will discuss some of them.

Communication and sharing of information is a main benefit of internet we can communicate with one another at any time and place, and can share all type of information.

Everyday routine Can be involved paying bills,banking and shopping.We can manage all of these easily with Internet.

Online Working is an important advantage of internet.it provide several platforms for selling and making money.and through writing skills you can also earn on internet.

Self study is also a great contribution of internet through which we can learn through internet.Learners can take lectures on youtube free of cost.

Digitalization has became common because internet provide us with several things like:

>Sharing of files
>Watch movies and songs
>Research purpose

knowledge and information Are most important and common benefits of internet. Google, bing and yahoo helps in learning and discovering various sources to get the latest information


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