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Who Is Felix And Bernabe? Watch Felix and Bernabe video goes viral on Reddit and Twitter


As you know that I talk about in my article about trending videos that are most popular on the social media like Twitter Reddit and TikTok. As we are already indicated internet users are very interested in seeing the video of the internet that are most popular on internet. Internet users must use particular ways to find the video of the internet. In this article I posted a photos and videos of Felix and Bernabe that are most viewing on Twitter and Reddit.

Who is Felix and Bernabe

Garcia and his uncle Bernabe Gamez Castro were the other people that were introduced. While everything was going on, Felix was admitting that he had participated in drug smuggling and that he had used drugs while living in the United States as part of his job as a Sinaloa cartel member. For those who use carver it was rather frightful because it showed a chain. If you have seen the video where the poor person who was choosing was given chains and eventually died with less pain, you will notice that the other person was holding a carver and we can hear him gasping for air as his husband and wife cared for him, but the entire process took a very long time before he finally took his last breath and passed away.

Felix and Bernabe video goes viral on Reddit and Twitter

Felix and Bernabe they both were wearing simpley jeans and had no shirt on. When they started talking about their attire. However, when it comes to Bernabe, it is claimed that although he worked for Sinaloa for a while, they did not pay him the whole amount he was anticipating on the last day since at the time he was performing the final task, they were only paying him 300 pesos. After giving him the final word, they began the beheading by placing the captive’s neck in it. This caused a significant amount of gore to spill over that specific area. Barnabas was about to approach Felix with the carver and cut off his head when he was beheaded.

Félix and Bernabé was the one getting sliced by the carver but he also accepted it and didn’t fight it in the slightest, so he didn’t suffer. However, discussing that specific situation was slow and took a while. Because of this, we may assert that easy money eventually appears, just as when these two individuals were tragically assassinated by those involved in the remedy trade, their lives were already gone.

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