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Who Is Paige Niemann? Paige Niemann Popular Video Goes Trending On Twitter


Paige Niemann who is looks like to a famous singer Ariana Grande. She is a famous TikTok celebrity and her video goes trending on social media.

As you know that I talk about talk about in my article about trending videos that are most popular on the social media website like Twitter. As we are indicated internet users and we use many source to find the video that goes trending on the web. So today I also find a video of Tiktok celebrity Paige Niemann she is looks like Ariana Grande and her video most popular on Tiktok. Let’s first discuss about her who is she and why she is most famous on social media platform.

Who Is Paige Niemann

Paige Niemann is born 26 April 2004 in United States. She is a TikTok star who is best recognized for her Ariana Grande impressions and look. She shared her lifestyle and modeling content through TikTok.

She is only 18 years old and she has 10 million fans on Tiktok. She also have 800,000 followers on Instagram. She posted her beautiful and desirable. Paige is looks like a celebrity.

It is hard to believe that she is only 18 years old and has already reached this level of fame. Her dancing moves are impressive. She has already received a lot of contract and advertising requests from company but she has not started any thing yet.

Paige Niemann Trending Video

Paige wants to build community on the site and stream like other Twitch users but she focuses on building relationships with famous people as it has helped her gain many fans around the world. She has a lot of future plans.

Her video goes trending on Tiktok she has many ways to entertain her fans so she posted her video on Tiktok in which she lips sync and shows her body parts.

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