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Wieambilla shooting video | wieambilla shooting footage,Wieambilla shooting


The Video of Wieambilla shooting is obtaining a large amount of attention among social media users.This video of Wieambilla shooting has gained popularity on all the social media sites specially on Twitter it is currently trending.The social media users are very curious to know about the details of Wieambilla shooting video.

The video has an element of suspense that’s why online video viewrs are very desperate to know about the full details of the video. They are searching this shooting video on internet widely because they want to know why this video is trending on every social media platform.

here’s an article for you guys If you want to know about the details of the video then read the full article.

Details of the Wieambilla shooting video:

The video of Wieambilla shooting was published at 7.39pm on Monday.The Wieambilla shooting video shows a couple, Gareth and Stacey, telling the camera they had killed multiple people.The shooting footage, uploaded to a now-deleted YouTube account.

It shows the state of mind and actions of Stacey Train and Gareth Train as they were talking about the killing of three people on their property in Queensland’s Western Downs.They were shooting the video in darkness.

Sources say that four police officers visited a property owned by the couple to do a welfare check on Gareth’s brother, who had been reported missing. Two police officers and a neighbour were killed By the couple. they shoot the officers and neighbor by actively hiding themselves.This can considered as an ambushment.

After that The couple at the centre of the Wieambilla shooting posted the footage after the attack.The couple were claiming that they had killed “devils” and “demons” on their property.

The Video of Wieambilla shooting shows that the couple is admitting to carrying out the killings.

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