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Yrma Lydya Gamboa Irma lidia cantante lydia – edad esposo Restaurante suntory jesus Hernandez


With the help of our article,we are going to inform you about the tragic accident happened today.

The cause of a famous singer sudden demise is reveal today.And when you have to test this then you may search our website amhtrends.com.

The tragic accident happen today a popular regional music star’s mur*er case caught the attention of all online users.Online users are curious to realize what’s in the video this is luring views.

people are also known who is the person at the back of this evil acts.If you are interested to know about the all details of the singer girl then read down this article until the end and follow all the sections of this article and take a look at what’s being occurred on the mega platform of social media.


Yrma Lydya was a Mexican mariachi musician along with being a dancer and actress . She won honors for her work including an honorary doctorate from the Chamber of Deputies .

She won the National prize for Culture from the Senate of the Republic .

image source: Twitter

Tragic news about YRMA LYDYA

The regional music singer YRMA LYDYA is murde*ed. The woman was murd*rd by her husband, the 79-year-old lawyer JESÚS ALCOCER.

It all happened at the SUNTORY restaurant in the Valle del Valle neighborhood of CDMX when the singer arrived at the place to confront.

Yrma Lydya was kil*ed in a CDMX restaurant on 23 June 2022. A man entered the business at the junction of Torres Adalid and Avenida Magdalena . He started to fi*e on his wife , Yrma Lydya . That man is her husband named Jesus Hernandez Alcocer .

But the reason behind his evil acts not reveal that time as soon as further details are came we share it with you .So keep in touch with our website.

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