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Education | Types of Education | Importance of Education


In this article we will tell you about the education, types of education and importance of education.

Meaning of Education

Education is the process by which people acquire knowledge, sall, habits, valuck, or attitudes The word education is also used to describe the resalts of the educational process.

Types of Education

There are three main types pf education given below:


Formal Education

•In formal education The place of work (classes) is organized to somehow limit possibilities of move conversations and contacts.

•Learners sit in front of Teacher who passes on information Disciplineor work consists in passive subordinating to teacher, doing tasks, realizing commands.

• In formal education marks are the indicators of Information remembered.

Informal Education

• informal education is the learning process that happens spontaneously in everyday life.

• It happens outside the formal education system and it can be defined “as the learning that goes on in daily life”.

• Some uses it in relation to the learning projects’ that we take up ourselves in our free time, be it hobbies or new skills.

Non-Formal Education

•This is education which takes place outside the sphere of compulsory schooling.

•where there is educational intent and planning of teach-ing/learning activities.

•Examples include adult education courses, leisure or sporting activities.
Importance of Education

Education is the most important thing for human beings. It is a continuous and life long process. It brings a great change in our life. it is the foundation of human developments .No body can deny the importance of education it can use as weapon to change the world.


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