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The No Jumper Podcast has a long history of featuring intriguing personalities and contentious situations, but the most recent episode might be the best of the lot.Almighty Suspect and presenter Adam22 share co-hosting responsibilities with special guest Kelpy, who recently gained notoriety for being an unusual pimp while starring on Soft White Underbelly. However, things do not go as planned since Suspect and Kelpy actually start fighting after a heated exchange.On GRM Daily right now, watch the absurd new episode of No Jumper Podcast.

All day long, this video has been popular. The host didn’t anticipate that SMDH!


Things got heated during a recent No Jumper interview with aspiring pimp Kelpy. In a previous video from last month, host Sharp and Kelpy engaged in a contentious back-and-forth. For the first interview, Almighty Suspect sat down with Sharp; for Kelpy’s return to the show, he also sat down with Adam22.Adam began by telling Kelpy about himself, including a previous interview he conducted on another platform and a police raid. Then, when Adam questioned Almighty Suspect as to why he had been offended by Kelpy’s attire during their initial interview, the latter responded that Kelpy’s fur coat was comparable to a “costume” worn by a person imitating a pimp.

Things became heated during the interview as Almighty Suspect and Kelpy hurled insults. Almighty Suspect once queries Kelpy, “So who are you? You are unknown!” In response, Kelpy said, “Ben Franklin knows who the f*** I am, b*tch,” which prompted Almighty Suspect to punch Kelpy until the altercation was stopped.

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