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US President Joe Biden Falls Off Bike During Delaware Video Went Trending On Social Media Twitter & YouTube


In this article, we’re going to inform you about a few very surprising news.

This news is coming from the U.S. president, Joe Biden, and it is stated that he fell off his bike while he stopped to greet his supporters.

Based on what we recognize, he became taking place a trip to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, while this took place on June 18.

But for a few reason, this video goes viral on social media, and lots of people are speaking approximately .

Talking approximately Biden, he was status with the help of his supporters, and he also stated and made it official that he was fine and doing well.

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Then, many media reporters asked him what took place, and he informed them that his foot were given stuck.

He is a famous politician from the United States. . He is likewise a member of the Democratic Party and turned into the 47th Vice President from 2009 to 2017.

He became born on January 20, 2009, making it 2009. He was born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania, withinside the United States.

When it involves his education, he were given a BA from the University of Delaware and a JD from Syracuse University.

After that, he was elected to the New Castle County council in 1970, after which he have become the 6th youngest Senator in U.S. history.

US President Joe Biden Reports say that his foot got stuck withinside the toe cages and he wasn’t capable of get all of it out.

However, in an official statement, he says that he’s great and doesn’t want any medical remedy for this.

Now that all of us recognize he doesn’t want medical care, he says he’s going to relaxation at home with his family and can be great soon.

Biden and his wife, Lady Jill, had been married for 45 years, and this Friday was their forty fifth wedding ceremony anniversary.

After being vice president for eight years, he went to the senate and had a excellent time there.

There have been lots of problems with their wedding ceremony due to the fact she became a Roman Catholic and he was a Protestant.

However, they were given married in the Catholic Church and feature raised three children together.

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