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Watch: ZulArif2015 Twitter Shared The Video Of 12 Year Old Malaysian Nik Adam Mika


ZulArif2015 Twitter shared the video of 12 years old Malaysian asian Nik Adam Mika goes trending on social media.

This video is posted by ZulArif2015 Twitter has been getting trends all over the internet. Malaysian accused the twitter user of child and requested to take down his twitter account immediately.

ZulArif2015 Twitter is facing serious reactions from the local people after he shared a disturbing video of Malaysian actor Nik Adam Mika on Twitter.

It is now a top Twitter trend and many online users are searching for the alleged video. Internet users use various ways to search about Nik Adam Mika video.

Nik Adam Mika is a Malaysian famous Actor. Adam Mika was born in Malaysia on 12 May 2000 and now he is 20 years old. Mike’s zodiac sign is Taurus.

Nik Adam Mika Video Trending On Twitter

The video was recorded by his father and then shared on social media and people are still asking the reason for this act.

The Twitter account has been suspended and the video has been taken down from the internet.

According to the source many people said that the boy is not Adam Mike in the purported video but it is still unclear. Whether he is Mike or not.

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