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What is Automobiles?

Automobile engineering is the one of the best stream of mechanical engineering. It deals with the various types of automobiles engineering, their mechanism of transmission systems and its applications. Automobiles are the used different types of the vehicles for transportation of passengers, goods, etc.

Basically all the types of the vehicles works on the principle of internal combustion processes or sometimes the engines are called as internal combustion engines. Different types of fuels are the burnt inside the cylinder at higher temperature to get the high transmission motion in the vehicles.

Most of the automobiles system are the internal combustion engines vehicles only. Therefore, every mechanical engineer and automobile engineers should have the knowledge of automobile engineering its mechanism and its various applications.


After studying this unit, you should be able todefine automobile engineering,classify the vehicles,list the various components of automobile, anddescribes the function of components of automobile.


Automobile engineering is the branch of engineering which deals with the everything about automobiles and practices to propel them. Automobile is the vehicle driven by the internal combustion engine and it is used for transportation of passengers, goods and riding on the ground.

Automobile can also be the defined as a vehicle which can be moved by itself. Examples: Car, jeep, bus, truck, scooter, etc.


Automobiles or vehicles can be classified into different bases as given below:

On the Basis of Load

Heavy transport vehicle (HTV) and heavy motor vehicle (HMV), e.g. trucks, buses, car, jeep etc.Light transport vehicle (LTV), e.g. pickup, station wagon, etc.Light motor vehicle (LMV), e.g. cars, jeeps, etc.


Two wheeler vehicle types, for example: Scooter, motorcycle, scooty, etc. The three wheel drive vehicle, for example: Auto rickshaw, three wheeler scooter for handicaps and tempo, etc.Four wheeler vehicle, for the example: Car, jeep, trucks, buses, tempo etc.Six wheeler vehicle, for the example: Big trucks with the two gear axles for each having four wheels drive.

Fuel Used

Petrol vehicle, e.g. motorcycle, scooter, cars, etc.Diesel vehicle, e.g. trucks, buses, etc. Electric vehicle (EV) which is the use battery to drive.Steam vehicle, e.g. an engine which uses steam engine. These engines are now obsolete.Gas vehicle, e.g. LPG and CNG vehicles, where is the LPG liquefied petroleum gas and CNG is the compressed natural gas.


On the basis of the body vehicles are classified as below :Sedan with two doorsSedan with four doorsStation wagonConvertible, e.g. jeep, etc. VanSpecial purpose vehicle, e.g. ambulance, milk van, etc.


Conventional vehicles with manual transmission, e.g. car with 5 gears.Semi-automaticAutomatic: In automatic transmission system, gears are the not required to be changed manually. It is automatically changes as per the speed of the automobile vehicles.

Position of Engine

Engine in FrontMost of the vehicles have the engine in the front of vehicles. Example: most of the cars, buses, trucks, jeep,tempo in India.Engine in the Rear Side Very few vehicles have the engine located in the rear side. Example: Nano car


The automobile system can be the considered as to consist of the five basic components:Is the Engine or Power Plant: It is the source of power plant.The Frame and Chassis: It is the supports engine, wheels, body, braking system, steering, etc.The transmission which transmits the power from the engine into the car wheels. The consists of the clutch, transmission, shaft, axles and differential.The body.Accessories are including light, air conditioner/hearer, stereo, wiper, etc.


A brake is a mechanical device which inhibits motion, slowing or stopping a moving object and preventing its motion. The rest of this article is dedicated to the various types of vehicle brakes system.Most of commonly brakes use the friction between the two surfaces and pressed together to convert the kinetic energy of the moving object into heat, though other methods of energy conversion may be employed.

For example the regenerative braking converts so much of the energy to the electrical energy, which may be stored for later use. Other methods convert kinetic energy into potential energy in such stored forms as pressurized air or pressurized oil.

Eddy current brakes are use magnetic fields to be converted kinetic energy into electric current in the brake disc, fin, or rail, which is converted into heat. The other still braking system even transfer kinetic energy into the different forms, for example by transferring the energy to a rotating flywheel energy.

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