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What Too Little Forgiveness Does to Us


First, it is important to understand that seeking justice does not conflict with forgiving someone. Instead, it is its prerequisite. Not excusing is to forgive. You have to acknowledge something’s wickedness in order to forgive it. Justice must be sought after, and the truth must be spoken. However, you won’t truly be seeking justice if you don’t internally forgive wrongdoers — if you don’t give up your mission to get even and make them suffer as much as you have. You’ll be looking for retribution. Your inner self is consumed by hatred and wrath when you seek revenge. If you don’t internally forgive, you won’t face the wrongdoers for the sake of justice, for the sake of potential victims, or for the sake of God.

Second, one must be willing to pay the price of forgiveness and give up seeking vengeance. Before it is actually felt, forgiveness is given. It is a vow to refrain from repeatedly bringing up the wrongs to punish the wrongdoers, to embarrass others, to yourself, or to others in order to maintain your wrath. These disciplines will prove to be challenging and perhaps expensive. You will eventually find yourself escape the hold of bitterness if you are willing to pay that price, though. Giving forgiveness opens the door for justice, potential restitution, and other forms of rehabilitation.

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