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Chicago Hit And Run Video – 3 Men dead Another Injured In Hit And Run In South Shore


Chicago hit and run video goes trending on the internet. This shooting video is captured by a dashboard camera.

Dash camera video shows that the crash and shows several people in the street. Then with in a second a car bolts through hitting four men.

Chicag police is searching for a driver who ran down four men Sunday morning killing three of them.

This incident was happened in the South Shore neighborhood in the 7000 Block of South Jaffrey around 5 a.m.

South Shore Witness

Dash camera shows that the car hit four of the men at a high rate speed fled from the scene.

Several people in the street some of the several engaged in a physical altercation where a car comes into view.

The four men who are injured taken to the hospital. According to the police the fourth is seriously injured and is still hospitalized.

According to the source a woman who witnessed said that A lot of chaos she said.He got hit and ‘boom, boom, boom,’ other people were getting hit, and I was just focused on who I was in front of.

Police are investigating about this eyewitness and searching about this incident and determine that who was responsible for the incident.

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