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Computer Networking Importance

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Computer networking

Computer Networking :

Networking of computer is connection of interconnected computer. Two computers are interconnected if they have capacity to share hardware, software and sharing information.

Purposes of Computer Networking:

Purposes of networking are Resource sharing, reliability, cost factor, communication medium central storage of data. It is helpful for sharing, access to remote data base and communication facilities. Peer to peer network is easy to set up, less expensive to install, implemented to large operating system, very low level of security, ideal for networking for less than 10 computers and it don’t need a server and moderate level of skill can administrate the network.Topologies of connected computer can formed by broking down computer networking. Collapsed ring is most used topology now a day. Computer and network devices which are connected to single cable  are bus topology.  3 layer hierarchical  topology is tree topology this topology divides the network into multiple levels.

Types of Networking:

There are mainly four types of networking. First is Local Area Network(LAN) which is small computer network confined to local areas such as in offices and schools. Second is Metropolitan Area Network spread over city or nearby cooperate office such as TV cable network. Third is Wide Area Network expand over a large area across continent and countries. Fourth is Personal Area Network is small networking between computer and mobile or other hand held devices using USB. Also read: Krosna film video – krosno film twitter video

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