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Ethical Hacker and protection from hacking

Ethical Hacker


Many good things were introduced by the the exponential growth of internet. There was also many dark sides with development in advanced technology like there were many criminals hacker. The word hacker has duplex in computer industry nowadays.

Ethical Hacking

Hacker likes to interfare with someone software and electronic system. They enjoy learning and surveying the computer system operating system. They explore and discover new ways to work electronically.

A person who breaks into someone system for personal gain is criminal hacker. They crack systems with mischievous intentions. They breach data and information to make people forlorn.

For business and government computer security has become major concern with growing rate of internet.Ethical hacker report a problem rather using advantage from it.Ethical hacker helps people to have better understanding with security system.

To approach the problem organizations came to realized that best way to solve the interloper danger would be to have individual security system attempt to broke into their computer system. This procedure for security use for early days.

Economic effect of Hacking

Losses done due to cyber attacks were unprecise. IT staff don’t work for free. 2011 year was also called The Year Of Hack because hacker earn 12.5 billions USD in 2011. US hacker economy cost upto 500,000 job each year.

Protection from Hacking

People need to know the ways of hacker thinkg and methodology also about tool which he can use to attack. Organizations face many problems from hacking attacks. So it need to change its protection and to add new philosophy with new staff.

All hacker use approximately same methods to steal data. Most of people don’t know about the attack nd some people know about the attack within 20 days very few user know about attack within 24 hour. There intention determines which type of hacker they are.

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