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Mobile Phone

Mobile phone is a wireless and handheld device. Which is use for making and receiving phon calls. Earliest mobile generation use only for make and receive calls.But today’s mobile phone a lot of functions as that accommodating web browser, games , video player, audio player , cameras, social sites and navigational system.

“As a result, we will continue to see more innovation on the internet and on mobile phone than on consoles”

__Trip Hawkins ___

Advantages of Mobile phone

Mobile phone make our life is more easier than we thought. Mobile phone having a lot of advantages that we have using in daily life. Some advantages of Mobile phone are given below 👇👇

Mobile phone have eased the communication between people. One of the biggest advantage of mobile phone is their compact size. Photos videos sharing. Texting with other people. Mobile phone use for travel purposes. Mobile phone use for entertainment and also use for Reminder , notes , alarm , clock , alert and organization.

Disadvantages of Mobile phone

Everything have some advantages and disadvantages too. Same as mobile phone have some disadvantages . Some disadvantages of Mobile phone are given below 👇👇

one of the biggest disadvantage of mobile phone that it cause accident. They cause for social isolation and distance from relative. our generation using mobile and wastage of their precious time. Mobile cause health problem. Using mobile phone at night were dangerous our health. Mobile phone distraction for us specially for children.

Healthy Use of Mobile phone

  1. Avoid wearing your phone …
  2. Avoid pressing your phone to the side of your face…
  3. Cut Yourself off…
  4. Use the “Night Shift ” functionality in the evening
  5. Switch to airplane ✈️ mode For overnight Use…
  6. Avoid streaming content – Especially for your kids…
  7. Get a Radiation protective case…
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