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Wireless Home security system | types of GSM/GPRS | Respond of GSM/GPRS

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Wireless Home security system

For the convenience and security of the residents, a home security system is required. In this study, we outline the development of a wireless home security system that is GSM/GPRS (Global System for Mobile Communication / General Packet Radio Service) based, low-cost, and power-efficient.

Types of GSM/GPRS

A GSM/GPRS gateway, three different types of wireless security sensor nodes—door security nodes, infrared security nodes, and fire alarm nodes—are all included in the system, which is a wireless home network.

Respond of Gsm/GPRS

It is simple to setup the nodes.The system responds quickly to alarm occurrences and includes a user-friendly interface with a capacitive sensor keypad and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). Other household appliances can use the wireless communication protocol between the gateway and the nodes. Additionally, several techniques.

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