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Jerry Springer Will Video | Jerry Springer Reads Will Video Trending on Twitter


On Twitter and other social media website the video of Jerry Springer’s show is trending. In the video, Springer is seen reciting a will and declaring his choice on how to distribute his assets and property to his family and loved ones.

But there is no denying that Jerry Springer’s great career as a journalist has contributed significantly to his large personal worth. In the popular video, the journalist also expresses his own dying desires.

Jerry Springer Will Video

In a video making the rounds on social media, Springer claims to have fathered two children in secret, and he’s bequeathing everything to them.

In a video that has gone viral online, the late Springer is seen reading out his will, which appears to reveal some family secrets. Five additional persons are watching the will reading as it is being played on the right side of the television. The family attorney is pictured in the upper right corner, followed by Springer’s two daughters and two extra children he secretly fathered.

There is only one issue: Everyone, including Springer, is acting.

“Joan kept me away from you with the threat of exposure, but she did not keep me from providing for you,” Springer says. Meagan Jordan, Jordan I give you the freedom to do as you please with our New Orleans house. Everything else in my estate, including my homes in Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Georgia, as well as my bank account and financial portfolios. John and Misha, my children, will receive it all.
“John and Misha are the sole owners of my whole estate, and they are free to deal with it as they like. Since I and this nation have failed you, it is really the least I can do; hopefully, one day, America will follow suit.

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