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You are not your brain


When your brain takes control of your thoughts, challenges your worth, doubts your skills, overwhelms you with cravings, or tries to control your behaviour, nothing is more perplexing or hurtful. It look like brain is occupied.

Ed, a gifted Broadway performer whose career was put on hold, describes the situation.for years due to his severe stage fright and rejection anxiety. operating on Ed felt as though his “brain immediately took over,” overflowing with information in a most unhelpful way.

It filled him with anxiety and self-doubt. He said it was horrifying and impossible. all these things that just weren’t true about me. I was bad, and a second-I was told I was a “class citizen” and nothing was due to me.Even worse, Ed was completely misrepresented by those false brain signals.

The truth is that Ed is a skilled performer who is admired and adored for his wit, his capacity to captivate an audience, and his unwavering confidence on stage.Despite the fact that audiences are constantly eager to see him and are captivated by his performances,His deceitful brain would not allow him to accept their glowing praise.

Instead of Ed’s intellect was convinced of his amazing abilities and inborn virtues was taught to disregard his great qualities and instead pay attention to what heessentially, what he might have done incorrectly or how others might view his errors should focus on his minor defects and flaws.

Where did these unfavourable notions and skepticisms originate? Even though he now realises that most of his false brain messages were formed as a child, one particular event completely altered his life. He remembered that when he was twenty years old and in front of a renowned Broadway producer all started.

As he got ready to Ed got confused and paralysed as he fled the scene. He says, “I just lost my body.” “It was the vilest experience possible. He had nightmares over the incident, and by theIt started to bother him by the time he turned thirty.

The feeling of being entirely exposed on stage in my nightmares has changed to one that I had pretty much every time I went to an audition. I was exposed and raw. With that astute. Despite calm exterior, Ed was in turmoil due to his fear of being rejected.

Ed avoided him, taking his misleading brain impulses at face value.Having given up on auditions entirely, he thought his career was over. His fear and anxietyhad won.

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