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Human health and health protection

Human health and its protection

Human health

Environmental state effects human health in different ways. Environment and human health has been effected due to water and air pollution, pesticides, noise, various form of radiation and chemicals in food.

Human health has direct relation with environmental state. Pollution causes a lot of health issues such as allergies, asthma, various cancers, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Environmental Conditions

Good environmental conditions include clean air and and fresh water, healthy and nutritious food. While poor environment badly affect human health.

With development in science, environmental chemistry, molecular biology, analytical chemistry help us to investigate help problems.

Health Care

Health care organization contains many separate industries and they housed within the walls of facilities. We all require fresh and clean water and food. Nature protection goal is not just to protect planet but to ensure our well being and health.

We were endangering our body and mind by playing in the environment which was populated and working and living with such conditions.

UN committee on social, economic and cultural rights has offered guidelines to the countries on their responsibility to guard as well as to meet health rights. Health decision making bases should be safe and accessible such as water and sensation.

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